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> He turned a music stand around and there was the American Flag. He then
> proceeded to play three chorus' s of "America The Beautiful." One very
> soft low register, one an octave up and the last another octave up, with
> piano / guitar / drum backing. He got louder and louder as he finished
> and didn't miss or crack a note, even way up in altissimo. I have to
> tell you that there wasn't a dry eye among us in the house. Thunderous
> applause and an outpouring of love for this man like you've never seen.
> Regarding whether or not he can portray Bix accurately, let me be the
> first to say that I think he can probably play Bix better than any
> living musician can.  In fact I think he can play exactly like whomever
> he wants. He is a virtuoso, great feel for the music and a determination
> to succeed that equals or exceeds that of anybody I know. He studies the
> music and the musicians he wants to play and he gets into it. At least
> that what I hear in his music, and I have a lot of it.

Steve...I'm going to have to call you on this.  There is just no way in my 
universe that this guy who plays "America the Beautiful" three times, each 
time louder and higher, is able to "play Bix better than any living 
musician."  This grandstanding is the antithesis of Bix Beiderbecke.

> So I can hardly wait for his interpretations of those early jazz
> musicians. He may just surprise us all. And, of course, I eagerly await
> his protrayal of Louis thinking that finally we'll get a rendition by a
> muso that can produce Louis' fire and energy, instead of just playing
> the notes.
> Cheers
> Steve Barbone

   I, for one, do not await his portrayal of Armstrong.  I fear that it will 
be at the same level of Nicholas Payton's pathetic attempts at playing 

   The thing is, Steve, that Bix and Louis respected each other enough to 
never attempt to mimic each other.  Louis never played Bix's tunes and vice 
versa.  Incidentally, out of respect for Bunny Berigan, Louis Armstrong would 
never play, "I can't get started with you."

   I hereby, publically, ask Arturo Sandoval to leave Bix and Louis alone.

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