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> Here's some information that isn't in the sign-on file which you might
> find useful:
> - This list, being unmoderated, allows immediate response and therefore
>   reflects the attitudes and personalities of the people who do most of
>   the posting.
> - It's a small, but active group.
> - Most of us have interests beyond Dixieland, and we're going to talk
>   about them until Mr. Ringwald makes us clean up our room. As soon
>   as he looks away, we'll get right back into it.
> - If you think this place is bad, then you don't know much about the
>   ways of internet communication. Go check a random sampling of 10
>   newsgroups and see how people talk to each other.
> - Would you walk into a bar and introduce yourself to its patrons by
>   warning them about public intoxication?
> - Before you elect yourself the newest list cop, why not contribute
>   to the discussion? If there's something you'd like to see us talk
>   about, just speak up. As you have seen, most topics are examined 
>   from a variety of viewpoints. What's YOUR point of view?
> - So you're a trumpet player? Why not tell us about that? Many of us
>   are musicians, and we know something of each other's playing. How
>   we learn something about yours?
> Paul Edgerton, who shall taunt you for a second time!

   An excellent post , Paul.  Please save it and repost when newbies come on 

   Jim Beebe
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