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Russ Guarino russg at redshift.com
Fri Feb 7 21:05:48 PST 2003

I would recommend the Sacramento Trad Jazz Society Camp for Adults,
August 4th through the 9th.  It is a six day camp, Monday to Saturday,
with a structure consisting of morning theory, afternoon band practice
and the rest of the day - evening for impromptu jamming with folks at
the camp.  I attended the camp on 2000 and I felt it was very
worthwhile. The instructors are fabulous. Costs just $550.

You can get the information you want by contacting Bill Dendle at
916-927-5222 or writing him at    bdendle at winfirst.com

Russ Guarino

Bill Biffle wrote:

> I've signed up for the Adult Traditional Jazz Camp at San Diego next
> January - me, and my son-in-law, Jesse, who plays drums.  A recent
> attendee loaned me a video of some of the classes - and some of the
> charts, too.  This is very stylized music.  Charts and such.  Very
> formal, really.  A bit mannered, even. The music we've been playing
> around here - and the music I hear on the dozens of CDs I bought in
> the last couple of years - is much more free-wheeling.  Trumpet plays
> - mostly  - the melody for the first chorus whilst the tbone and
> clarinet play harmony, everybody solos for a while, all play a
> hell-for-leather last chorus and hope to finish together somehow.
> :-)} So, I guess both are ok, just different, huh?  The trad stuff
> seems a bit more contained and, well, maybe a bit - heck, I'll say it
> - boring.  More fun for the players than the audience.  The "head
> arrangement" style seems a bit more lively and - consequently - more
> fun.  At least for me.  For now. I'm new, so be kind. Thanks, in
> advance, for your comments. Bill BiffleAlbuquerque, New Mexico
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