[Dixielandjazz] He'p

Edgerton, Paul A paul.edgerton at eds.com
Fri Feb 7 20:13:44 PST 2003

Bill B (I can't say BB because we've already got one of those guys), that's
more like it, buddy. 

We had a thread about this not long ago. The general consensus was that
having too much structure and sticking to charts yields a different sort of
music that not everyone is willing to accept as 'jazz.' The head arrangement
style is livelier because it is more interactive. In untrained hands it is
also more chaotic, but then that's why you're going to jazz camp, right?

You'll hear lots more about it since musicians are seemingly always willing
to talk shop. But the best advice seems to be something along the lines of
"Work on the fundamentals. Inspiration smiles on those who are prepared for
it." Beyond that, just keep listening to and emulating the music you like.

Paul Edgerton, who is only too happy to stand down until Monday.

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