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Fri Feb 7 19:42:20 PST 2003

<<Listmates & once again Bill Sargent,
   I stand corrected!
   I just went to your website & listened to Chelsea, and young female jazz
vocalists do exist. As has been said she is talented beyond her years. In
many ways her delivery and voice remind me of Brady McKay of the former
Wooden Nickel. Unfortunately CD's don't really do an entertainer justice.
Stage presence is something that can not be pressed into a record or burned
into a CD and once again that is what separates the true artist from just
another entertainer....
   Gary (O-L) Wallbridge>>

Thanks so much for those kind words. One of Chelsea's strongest points is her 
stage presence. She is gorgious and she has a charisma and presence unlike 
most I've seen. She looks totally comfortable and not "put on" and people 
fall totally in love with her.

Since I read an earlier post, I've given thought to thought to the 
differences between a jazz instrumentalist and a jazz vocalist.

Just as the jazz instrumentalist can read the melody or harmony lines and 
play them note for note . . . so can Chelsea.

Just as the jazz instrumentalist can bend and shape the melody line . . . so 
can Cheslea.

And unlike most vocalists, Cheslea can look at a set of changes and scat from 
the changes alone . . . just as the jazz instrumentalist.

So I guess she does, indeed, qualify to be on equal footing with a jazz 

Just thinking out loud,

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