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> >> Here's your hit: why don't you friggin' war-mongers start your  own list!
>> Burt Wilson
>> for peace
> I am, like almost everyone else I know, a peace-monger.
> Just we have different opinions on how to keep peace.
> Remember - 9/11 was not a figment of your imagination, nor was WWII
> Musical Content - "In Da Furer's Face" by Spike Jones
> Bill

   Thank your Bill S..  It is amazing to me that there are people who don't 
realize that we cannot afford to wait until we are attacked.  The weapons 
available are to deadly for us to sit by and wait.  Pearl Harbor should have 
been a lesson,  the embassy takeover,  the Marine Barracks blowup, Col. 
Higgins kidnapping and murder, and on and on and certainly, Sept. 11

   I think that the constant chatter on TV keeps many in a kind of a trance. 
They feel safe in some weird way.  LIke when everyone was watching the WTC 
massacre...it wasn't happening to them, they were quite comftorable watching 
it on TV.  We sit and wait at our peril...IMHO

     Musical comment  " Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammuntion."

  Jim Beebe
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