[Dixielandjazz] Jazz!!

gary garwall at commspeed.net
Fri Feb 7 16:08:41 PST 2003

Listmates & once again Bill Sargent,
   I stand corrected!
   I just went to your website & listened to Chelsea, and young female jazz
vocalists do exist. As has been said she is talented beyond her years. In
many ways her delivery and voice remind me of Brady McKay of the former
Wooden Nickel. Unfortunately CD's don't really do an entertainer justice.
Stage presence is something that can not be pressed into a record or burned
into a CD and once again that is what separates the true artist from just
another entertainer.
   A couple of years ago I wrote that I had watched Ella put a hall full of
noisy rednecks in a N.C.O. club in Japan. Being on their turf that was no
easy task but Ella pulled it off with absolutely no ruffled feathers. STAGE
PRESENCE, the thing that gets audience attention more than anything else. No
matter how good an entertainer is if he or she can't touch the audience then
that person might just as well hang up their axe and go home!
   Once again have a great and don't do anything I- - - -Oh Well!
   Gary (O-L) Wallbridge

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