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Hi Bill:  Welcome to the list.  Do you ever get to Santa Fe?  Jere Corlett
has a "Gut Bucket, Rock Bottom, Come Home To Mamma Style of Old Time Slush
Pump Jazz" band up there.  That description is from his card for the Santa
Fe Chiles Jazz Band.  They used to do a Saturday matinee at a bar in the old
town section of Santa Fe.  I played with them on my way through to San


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> At the suggestion of James Kashishian, here's my opening salvo.
> I've been laying low 'til I see what's what.  I'm a 27 year veteran of
> barbershop harmony singing who played horn in school 35 years ago.
> Disinterred the horn four years ago to get together with some bbshop
> who play - and haven't stopped playing since!  (Jammin' is just what
> bbshoppers call "woodsheddin'" with a horn instead of singing.  Both are
> great fun!)
> Played once or twice a year with other folk for the first few years - and
> every day with my CD player in the house until this winter when I finally
> got some boys together.  We've have several "rehearsals", have played two
> actual gigs and have a third coming up March 1.  Having a bit of trouble
> keeping personnel together, but I think I've discovered that a regular
> rhythm section and lead tpt player  will do - just add whatever clarinet
> tbone you can find if they can, and will play.
>  Having a ball - trying to get my chops better and better - instead of
> battered and battered - and learn some tunes.  Sticking with 20 or 25 old
> stds for now.
> Going to start with a 9 week "adult big band" program here at the
> Albuquerque Jazz Workshop day after tomorrow - and there's a monthly jam
> session at the Rio Grande Jazz Society that I'm gonna take a crack at,
> Just trying to play as much as I can.
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