[Dixielandjazz] Howdy!

Bill Biffle bbiffle at swcp.com
Fri Feb 7 15:36:29 PST 2003

At the suggestion of James Kashishian, here's my opening salvo.

I've been laying low 'til I see what's what.  I'm a 27 year veteran of
barbershop harmony singing who played horn in school 35 years ago.
Disinterred the horn four years ago to get together with some bbshop friends
who play - and haven't stopped playing since!  (Jammin' is just what
bbshoppers call "woodsheddin'" with a horn instead of singing.  Both are
great fun!)

Played once or twice a year with other folk for the first few years - and
every day with my CD player in the house until this winter when I finally
got some boys together.  We've have several "rehearsals", have played two
actual gigs and have a third coming up March 1.  Having a bit of trouble
keeping personnel together, but I think I've discovered that a regular
rhythm section and lead tpt player  will do - just add whatever clarinet and
tbone you can find if they can, and will play.

 Having a ball - trying to get my chops better and better - instead of
battered and battered - and learn some tunes.  Sticking with 20 or 25 old
stds for now.

Going to start with a 9 week "adult big band" program here at the
Albuquerque Jazz Workshop day after tomorrow - and there's a monthly jam
session at the Rio Grande Jazz Society that I'm gonna take a crack at, too.
Just trying to play as much as I can.

Bill Biffle
Trumpet & Leader
The Duke City Dixieland Jazz Band
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Music Director
The New MexiChords
Championship Barbershop Harmony Chorus
Albuquerque Chapter, SPEBSQSA

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