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Edgerton, Paul A paul.edgerton at eds.com
Fri Feb 7 16:43:44 PST 2003

Bill Biffle writes:
> I've been on this list about a week and I'm hoping against hope that
> there's some value coming amidst the vitriol and self-aggrandizing
> I've witnessed - mostly  - to date.  Allow me to quote from the post
> I got when I joined...

Welcome to the list Bill.

Here's some information that isn't in the sign-on file which you might
find useful:

- This list, being unmoderated, allows immediate response and therefore
  reflects the attitudes and personalities of the people who do most of
  the posting.

- It's a small, but active group.

- Most of us have interests beyond Dixieland, and we're going to talk
  about them until Mr. Ringwald makes us clean up our room. As soon
  as he looks away, we'll get right back into it.

- If you think this place is bad, then you don't know much about the
  ways of internet communication. Go check a random sampling of 10
  newsgroups and see how people talk to each other.

- Would you walk into a bar and introduce yourself to its patrons by
  warning them about public intoxication?

- Before you elect yourself the newest list cop, why not contribute
  to the discussion? If there's something you'd like to see us talk
  about, just speak up. As you have seen, most topics are examined 
  from a variety of viewpoints. What's YOUR point of view?

- So you're a trumpet player? Why not tell us about that? Many of us
  are musicians, and we know something of each other's playing. How
  we learn something about yours?

Paul Edgerton, who shall taunt you for a second time!

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