[Dixielandjazz] Cleo Laine again

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Fri Feb 7 18:03:11 PST 2003

bounces at ml.islandnet.com] On Behalf Of Patrick Cooke

 >Cleo Laine? Never heard of her.<

  You guys have just been listening to the wrong radio stations!
    pat cooke 

Yeah, Pat.  Spanish radio doesn't spend much time on anyone's jazz!  Big
sound on the radio now is "LAS KETCHUP".  If you haven't heard their
world-wide hit, it's a laugh.  As a jazzman I'm supposed to hate it
(bubblegum music!), but I think it's a laugh.  And, a laugh at this
moment in time ain't a bad thing!!

If anyone has heard these girls with their idiotic lyrics (which don't
mean anything.....not in Spanish or any other language!), and wondered
about their name....their father is a well-known flamenco singer called
Tomatín  (get it?  Tomato...ketchup)


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