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> Thank you for 1941, but luckyly over here in Europe we have some
> independent, critical press that does believe everything the 'official
> sources' are trying to make us believe. So please accept that there are
> people who don't agree with the politics of your Texan oil baron.
> Thank you,
> Jempi

   Yes, Jempi, but please accept that this is not a matter of Texan oil baron 
politics.  The U.S. has been under attack for some years now from a wdespread 
terrorist network.  Sept. 11 gave us enough of a shock that we actually got 
up enough resolve to do something about it.

We have finally realized that we can no longer afford to wait until we are 
attacked again.  Neither can your country, by the way.  

France and England have been harboring Islamic terrorists for too long. 
Though, England finally got up enough nerve to raid the most obviously 
terrorist Mosque in London.  The U.S. is very stupidly allowing Mosques to 
operate as usual even though we know that terrorism is being promoted, funded 
and recruited in them and through them.

Most of us here hope that President Bush and our country will have the 
fortitude to root out that whole rat's nest in the middle east.  Once and for 

Jim Beebe                  

'musical content'    "The Marines Hymn"
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