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> charliehooks at earthlink.net writes:
> >> Question: Michele Curatola:  Have you ever seriously questioned whether 
>> or
>> not you should be writing articles about people of whom you know nothing, 
>> of
>> whom you are obviously merely recounting objects, knowing nothing of their
>> music, of their skill, or of their lack of it.
>> Michele, I'm sure you are a very nice young lady (or old lady, as far as I
>> know): but about OKOM you should really SHUT THE HELL UP.  OR LEARN MORE.
>> Sorry to shout.  But, dear heart, you bother me!
>> charliehooks at earthlink.net 
> Dear Mr. Hooks,
> You really know how to be offensive in your use of Capital letters in 
> replying to this young lady who did not even refer to you in her 
> article......Perhaps you should be playing for the Cubs or,Bears or some 
> team that could really use your offensive language as well as your brute 
> strength. I would be glad to meet you in the alley to settle this .   It 
> was I who sent in the article.......Michele is a young woman with whom I 
> correspond with. She or no one for that matter should have to read a 
> message from a djml listmate that is as bitter as the one you penned this 
> evening....
> I hope your happy, for I am not........I suggest that you put on that dunce 
> cap and sit in the corner for awhile .......When you decide to be 
> polite....I'll look forward to your apology directed to ms curatola........
> Thank you....Sir.........
> Jazzman Joe 

   Whoa! Whoa!!!  Cease Fire here.   Can I jump in here...( yeah, I know that 
this is weird for me, an old flamer, to be refereeing)

   I know Charlie Hooks very well and I know that he didn't mean his message 
to sound as offensive as it sounded.  I, myself, have been guilty of being 
too edgy and so I have a good idea of this mechanism and how a message 
phrased rather strongly or even in a kind of jesting manner can come off as 
strongly negative and offensive.  

  My take on this is that he was a little piqued and what he meant to say in 
a light bantering fashion came off in a much stronger light.  I'm sure that 
he will want to come in and retract much of his statement.

  Charlie Hooks is a very sweet and friendly guy, not like that at all.  
Please give him a pass on the meeting in the alley  (chuckle).  I'll second 
for him  ( bigger chuckle).

  Jim Beebe
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