[Dixielandjazz] Jazz or Ballad singers?

Patrick Cooke patcooke at cox.net
Wed Feb 5 22:02:10 PST 2003

>>>Anyway Pat what have you got against ballad singers?<<

  Nothing against ballad singers, I just don't consider them to be jazz
singers.  There are some who are good at both, and there are a lot who can
do nothing but sing the straight original melody.....no matter how jazzy the
Pat C.

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> << I haven't heard any on the list of Brit singers you mentioned, Jerry,
> I can't say about them. >>
> Hi Pat,
> As you have probably noticed I have been corrected over the national
> of two of the young ladies I mentioned but a true Brit to watch in the
> is Clare Teal. Don't just take my word but let me quote from the review of
> her latest album in this month's Jazz Journal International. "An
> exceptionally good set from a singer who has risen from the pack to become
> front runner, and who must now be giving some of her fellow jazz singers
> pause for thought. Her approach to her interpretation of these songs,
> standards but with a few nice originals, is completely assured. Her vocal
> sound is strong yet warm and she displays a wonderful grasp of the dynamic
> needs of of the material.........have no doubts, teal is no pretender, she
> a real jazz singer. Anyone wanting a splendid and joyous musical
> need do nothing more than buy this strongly recommended and very well
> recorded CD." (Bruce Crowther)
> I fully concur with these sentiments and understand that she has just
> recorded a concert for BBC radio accompanied by the all-star John
> Big Band which will be aired in March sometime.
> I am presenting Clare at my club venue at the end of May but with her
> backing sextet which feautres Martin Litton (a super pianist) Trevor
> on reeds and Nils Solberg on Guitar.
> A real jazz singer on the way up!
> Anyway Pat what have you got against ballad singers?
> Cheers,
> Jerry,
> Norwich,
> U.K.
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