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Charlie Hooks charliehooks at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 5 08:41:50 PST 2003

on 2/5/03 12:28 AM, Kaye Wade at kayewade at earthlink.net wrote:

> What exactly do you mean by pre-war?  There has always been a war some
> where, some time and if you never have a vocal - you might as well
> phone in the performances because you can hear it as elevator music -
> you sure hear the instruments but it's boring as the devil.

    Well, Kaye Wade, by "pre-war" most of us mean "before WWII."  You must
have heard of WWII: it was in all the papers.

    As for vocals, I've just posted a defense of vocalists, noting how much
I enjoy supporting them.  But to claim that without a vocal, "you can hear
it as elevator music" is so preposterous that I can only think you must have
been in mid-stunt when you so typed.

    Kaye: you must THINK before you type.  Otherwise, you produce the
following sillies: Hawkins' "Body and Soul" is elevator music; Benny
Goodman's "King Porter Stomp" is elevator music.  Etc., etc., ad infinitum.
Stop that!  You are one of my conservative Right Guard people, and I want
you to make sense!

love you, but spank you!


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