[Dixielandjazz] Croakers

Judy Eames jude at judyeames.co.uk
Wed Feb 5 01:31:25 PST 2003

I've been biting my tongue, but none of the other singer are taking the bait
so..... here goes.  My personal view of Cleo Laine is that her vocal
"gymnastics" are her own and not attributable to her husband; why should
they be?  They sound as if they belong to her and her  wonderfully rich,
flexible voice is her own too.  It might not be to everyone's taste but it
would be difficult to deny the unique quality.

  I've heard a couple of singers who've been to classes at Wavenden, Bucks,
UK (where the Dankworths have workshops and a performance space).  The
imitators sound just that; self conscious "ooblings" sometimes tacked on to
the end of an otherwise fairly traditional rendition.  If Cleo Laine is
responsible for encouraging the imitators, she should be sentenced to a week
listening to out of tune trombones (substitute the instrument you hate most
when played badly)

This brings me to my next theme, pick any instrument (and that includes the
voice, argue though some of you will) and you can surely think of several
people who should be prevented from using it?  Why singers should be singled
out for villification, beats me.  BUT while there are gentlemen of a certain
age "discovering" the vocal talents  of ladies less than half their age,
standards will be patchy:-)

Jude..... not so far from the bus pass and most certainly over half the age
of any of you.

Judy Eames
Kaminsky Connection
Aston, Oxfordshire

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