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Jim said
>I can only imagine in making a statement like this that you really haven't listened to much Sinatra.  I always accepted that Sinatra was a great singer but only in recent years did I tune into what a true master he really is.  Neither Nelson Riddle nor anyone else turned Sinatra into a great jazz >performer.  
A true master he really was, but can you guide me to an early recording , say in the James period where he is singing jazz.  I'm willing to be persuaded. 

With Bing jazz was there right at the start, and it was like a breath of fresh air when you compare him to the dreadful Seger Ellis or Irving Kaufman. The earliest recording I've heard of Frank singing Jazz was I think from the mid 40s with a small group of jazzers. I don't have the disc. 
Singing jazz does not have to involve scat, although it can. Sinatra in '50s was a great jazz performer, but to my ears he was a late developer.

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    Sinatra in my view was not the natural jazzer that Bing was. His early
    recordings with James and Dorsey are just examples of good ballad crooning.
    It took Nelson Riddle to turn him into a great jazz performer, which he was.
    For me though, there is more depth in Nat King Cole as well as a great
    natural jazz time.

      John Petters

  Sinatra's complete mastery of the song, his phrasing and timing are absolutely natural and peerless.  You can't teach genius like that.  Sinatra was not a 'scat' singer'...just a great singer of classic songs.

  IMHO   Jim Beebe

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