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It is a truly great series, by far the most important liasion between jazz
and television attempted in the sixty odd year history of the TV media era.

Some important jazz figures and some of my personal heroes are not included
but I guess time constraints have to be a factor.    There s a strong focus
on Armstrong and Ellington, obviously favourites of Ken Burns - he has
excellent tastes!

It is said that the book is very good and fills some of the gaps - I do not
have it as yet, waitng for my next birthday!

The photos shown during the TV episodes are alone are worth the "price of

I hope you get the unabridged North American version.  I understand the
series shown in the UK was trimmed down to suit somebody or other.

Happy viewing!
Brian Towers,
Hot Five Jazzmakers, Toronto, Canada
Band web site:                http://hotfivejazz.tripod.com

  (*In My Humble Opinion! - an abbreviation you will frequently see amongst
the writings of we broad-minded and tolerant DJML'ers!)

> Finally Ken Burns' "Jazz" reached the Netherlands. Starting Thursday Feb.
> 6th we can enjoy this remarkable 12 parts series on Dutch public TV
> (Nederland 3).
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