[Dixielandjazz] Scott's Place recording needed

Phil Gries griestvaudio at joimail.com
Wed Dec 31 00:04:05 PST 2003

Dear Richard Broadie,

I have in my archive (www.atvaudio.com) 154 complete and excerpted SCOTT'S 
PLACE  radio broadcast audio airchecks (some of the programs run as long as 4 
& 1/2 hours long). 140 of these original 1/4" reel to reel master tapes I 
would consider selling for $50.00 per reel. Each individual program is 
contained on one separate reel. This exceptional radio program which was 
broadcast on 640 AM...midnight to 4AM, and other times was originally 
recorded, at the time of its airing in Los Angeles, off the air,  from August 
15, 1970 to March 20, 1972. I will sell only the entire 140 reels as an 
archival lot. Price, $7,000.   Sound quality is pristine. Tracks were 
recorded direct line. These treasures are worthy of replay 33 years after 
they originally aired. A list of the programs archived is available.


Phil Gries
P.O. BOX 88
Albertson, N.Y. 11507

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