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> .  And usually, these "critics"  talk about what they never
> attempted to DO!   So go ahead, Steve with your beautiful work. The
> Arabs say:
> "the dogs bark, the caravan is going ahead"
> cheers
> Tito 

And Confucius say "Man who live in glass house should not throw stones he 
will break his own window and Freeze in the Dark."

In my not so humble opinion, "Most so called Purist Dixieland Players and 
critics are such because that is indeed where they reached their level of musical 
incompetence."  They closed the book of learning and never went beyond the 
simplicity of this music to learn and adept other styles and forms of good music 
to expand and attract a larger loyal audience for the music.

It has been said on this list many times before, that Dixieland music is easy 
to learn and play, and the fact that there are so many bad Dixieland bands 
around constantly complaining about how the music is dying and there is no place 
to work are indeed proof of that.   

These bands and musicians have given Dixieland such a bad name in the general 
music world and especially in Jazz, that almost nobody wants to be called a 
Dixieland Musician or Band.

Show me a Band that only plays Dixieland Music as purists and I'll show you a 
Band always looking for a gig, with the rare exception of course of the few 
Really Good ones out there who must suffer from lack of suitable employment 
because of all the bad ones.

I heard a radio show last night of America's hottest Garage bands who made a 
name for themselves in 2003.  It was for the most part pure organic waste 
material for the sewer.

Perhaps if all of us who rehearse our bands in the garage, would open the 
doors, we might get some neighborhood kids going by to stop and listen and, who 
knows, maybe in 2004 a Dixieland Band might make the list of most famous Garage 
bands.  Even the Worst Dixieland band I have ever heard sounded better than 
anything on that radio show.

Price list for my CDs:

Consumers $12.00 each
Critics         $25.00 each plus $5.00 shipping and handling

If ya wanna complain and write bad about me ya gotta pay for it, there ain't 
no Free lunch, and if you pay for it then your opinion is worth something, 
even if it is incorrect, anyone who criticizes a recording he got without paying 
for it or a show he went to see without paying for a ticket has no business 
getting in free or getting free music collections.  That is not why the free 
tickets and recordings are sent out, if you can't say anything good just keep you 
opinions to yourself, anyone interested in the music and or the act is 
capable of making up their own minds as to whether or not they like it.

My music has yet to be recalled by the Food and Drug Administration as 
dangerous to the public, and no prescription is needed, although you do have to buy 
it under the counter, :)

I heard Barbone Streets new live CD, and it sounds exactly like what he said 
it was, a LIVE recording with all the energy and ambiance of such a party in a 
party like (Not a Studio Recording) it is played the way jazz music in 
particular is supposed to be played, with energy and presence of each individual 
musician interjecting his ideas and feel into the music.  The band sounds like 
they were having fun and enjoying playing great music for an enthusiastic 
audience, what more could anyone ask for.   

As for the Trumpet player and the Trombone player being categorized as Not 
Dixieland Players, I say the critic who said it would not know a real Dixieland 
musician if one walked up and kicked him in the arse, or wrapped his Trombone 
slide around his neck.

A Good Musician is a good musician and should be able to adapt to playing any 
kind of music and style that suits his individual taste, the most successful 
ones have done exactly that.  

 Barbone Street Jazz Band has managed to do that against all odds in trying 
to become successful as a Dixieland Band in such a snippety back biting circuit 
of elitist so-called aficionados of Jazz.  Gee no wonder they are not invited 
to play on Dixieland Festivals all over the USA, God forbid we bring in a 
reasonably paid successful band, who knows how to market themselves and knows 
what they are worth as a business to any festival who markets and promotes them 


Tom Wiggins

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