[Dixielandjazz] Chuck Anderson

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Thu Dec 25 16:22:17 PST 2003

Hi all:

We returned from Palm Springs late last night and today I started to read the
multiple posts in my mail box to find some very sad news. My good friend,
musician and brother amputee died yesterday. His name was Chuck Anderson. 
use to play with the Harry James band for many years and over the years has
played with most of the Southern California bands and musicians. Chuck was a
double amputee due to diabetes. He had his first leg amputated about a year 
I had mine done and was very supportive in my decision to take my leg off
being the only other amputee I could talk to about it all at the time. He lost
his other leg a few years ago but again never stopped playing the trombone. He
would drive himself to gigs, get on his scooter and get to the bandstand while
his friends would help him up to his seat. We were always amazed the first
time we heard this huge voice come out of this small body. Chuck always had a
smile but most of all he just loved playing and singing.

They found him in the front seat of his car getting ready to drive somewhere.
I think that would show that he passed peaceably but I can't stop the tears
from coming down today and only pray that he has found peace and freedom from

Chuck was a very good friend and a very talented musician and I will miss him.



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