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I apologize in advance for the blatant self-promotion of our modest band 
(The Boondockers). It is a record review written by DJML'er Jempi De Donder 
(thank you, Jempi) and it appears in The Jazz Gazette (published in 

All of you who prefer a more serious discussion of jazz issues, please 
delete this message right now . . . ok - for the rest of you here is a clip 
from The Jazz Gazette:

-----> start clip

Do not let the appearances fool you. Things are what they appear to be. 
Behind these funny shirts and heads are hiding very accomplished musicians. 
During the 1970's, over here in Europe we had two similar bands, one from 
Holland and one from England. The Dutch 'Animal Crackers' were very popular 
during the heydays of the Breda Roaring Twenties Club and Festival. Herman 
Oppeneer and his fellow musicians amused the audiences at many festivals 
with their special kind of humour and excellent music. Harry Strutters Hot 
Rhythm Orchestra was the English equivalent. The Strutters were more of a 
big band, but they were the same funny hat and dress brigade, but with also 
with the same high degree of musicianship.

If you know the Boondockers or you have attended their 'shows', you know 
what to expect. If not, like it was my case, you are in for some surprises. 
Laughter and good music are the main items of this CD.

There are religious satire, political correctness and the inevitable jokes 
on the mother in law. But also the lyrics of the songs received a 
Boondockers treatment. The new lyrics of 'Peoria' are a real gem. They 
should be made available to every band. Some would call it cabaret. I could 
agree to a certain point, if there was not the great music.

The Boondockers' music covers a wide range of traditional jazz. They are not 
afraid to put their instruments down and to bring some skiffle music. There 
are some sing-a-long numbers, like the 'Patriotic Medley'. Real cabaret 'à 
la française' with 'Pépé Plays The Violin'. But they never get to far away 
from the music they love, traditional jazz.

So ladies hold on to your brassieres and gentlemen to your suspenders or 
just the other way, lay back, let your hair hang down and enjoy the 
Boondockers show!

You can purchase this CD at $15 USD (plus $2 S/H in the U.S., $6 S/H out of 
the U.S.) by writing to: Bill Gunter - 395 Ravine Cr. - Rancho Cordova, CA 
95670 - jazzboard at hotmail.com or for England and Europe by mailing Jazz 
Jerry at jazzjerry at aol.com.

-----> end clip

By the way, you can hear a few sound clips on our website: 

Sorry about the hubris,

Bill "World's second most modest man" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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