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Tue Dec 23 21:40:45 PST 2003

Hi all,

Edgerton sayeth:

>Jazz equivalent: calling "Cherokee" and saying "You've got it!" at the
>bridge, especially if you're playing in a "guitar key."
>Paul Edgerton
>Who just KNOWS that Gunter won't let this one pass.

I probably will have to let this one pass. I ain't all that familiar with 
the tune (yes, I know it's a standard). I did find a reference on the 
internet that makes the song soubnd rather daunting . . .

-----> internet clip

Cherokee (Swing--usually played at fast tempos--in the Real Book) The legend 
goes that Charlie Parker, after being laughed off stage by musicians at a 
local club, went home and "wood-shedded" on Cherokee until he could play and 
improvise to it in all twelve keys, at blazing tempos. If true --and it is 
believable with Charlie Parker-- this would be quite a musical feat. 
Cherokee changes keys at least half a dozen times and because it is often 
played at warp speed, it is considered "the" tune that separates the 
"monster technique" men from the boys. However, don't be daunted by this. 
Most of the great players, like Wes Montgomery, had good technique (not 
monster technique) and played some of the most memorable solos ever. 
Cherokee has been performed as swing and latin.

-----> end clip

Maybe I'll dig it out and do a transcription for washboard.

As far as the one way transparent glass outhouse is concerned it seems to me 
to be an awful lot of commotion just to embarrass somebody trying to take an 
innocent dump. Sheesh!  Sort of like the way children get the giggles when 
they say some sort of pottie word out loud, like "poopie!"


Bill "doo doo" Gunter
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