[Dixielandjazz] Australian Jazz Convention 2003

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Tue Dec 23 18:55:33 PST 2003

Dear friends,
We are off tomorrow (via our son's place in Wellington NSW) to the 58th
Australian Jazz Convention in Forbes NSW.
26th Dec to 31st Dec 2003 (inclusive).
I was at the 3rd and this is my 45th. I am also one of the three permanent
Trustees, whose job is to make sure that the annual arrangements proceed
according to our Traditional Jazz roots.
You may recall that Sam Meekin mentioned this long-running event on the list
a few days ago.
About 1000 musicians and delegates, 90-100 registered bands plus lots of
sit-ins in the numerous pubs in town. Six days, including a Welcome Night,
Street Parade, Jazz Breakfast, Gospel Service, Picnic, Original Tunes
Competition, AGM, New Year's Eve Revel and public concerts.
I suspect there will be enough DJMLers there for a F2F.
'Vacation' mode for me will be set sometime later today, if I can understand
the procedure. 
Back on again 2 Jan 2004.
All the best to everyone for Christmas/New Year/Holiday Season.
Talk to you in 2004.
Kind regards,

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