[Dixielandjazz] What Is Your Favorite Music?

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 21 10:22:47 PST 2003

Came across an interesting poll. Currently being taken by the Bethlehem
(PA, USA) Musikfest Folks where Barbone Street Jazz Band has applied for
a 2004 spot. There are 5421 responses so far. Last year The Boilermaker
Jazz Band and a couple of other OKOM bands played there.

Question: What is Your Favorite Music?

JAZZ / BLUES             30%
ROCK .                         26%
FOLK                           17%
COUNTRY                   10%
POP / DANCE .              8%
POLKA                           5%
WORLD                         4%

I don't pretend to know what that means, other than more confirmation
that there is a large audience out there ready to embrace JAZZ
GENERALLY. Whether they will embrace OKOM SPECIFICALLY depends upon the
marketing and playing (swinging) ability of those bands that seek out
venues like these.

Please, naysayers, don't throw cold water on it by saying yeah, they
mean Kenny G, bebop or others such nonsense. The facts are that OKOM /
Swing or "tune" based jazz is accepted very well in this area through
the efforts of bands like Barbone Street, those that went before us, and
those that will follow us in playing where the kids are.

Bethlehem Musikfest is a general audience (lots of young people) music
festival that runs for 10 days or so in Eastern Pennsylvania. If
interested Google search "Bethlehem Musikfest".

If you go to their URL, be sure and vote in the poll.

Steve Barbone

PS. This Bethlehem is a small city in central Eastern PA, USA. There are
3 such cities close together. Bethlehem, Easton, Allentown. That area is
also home to the Pennsylvania Jazz Society. One of their largest
industries, Bethlehem Steel, went bankrupt a few years ago, a MAJOR
economic blow to the area. HOWEVER, that did not affect the success of
Musikfest because once again, these folks know how to market music. (and

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