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Rebecca queried the jazz cotent of some of the recent postings, so I will
take the liberty to mail notification of a jazz gig tonight by way of a
press release.

A special treat for fans of traditional New Orleans Jazz is in store on
Saturday (20th December) at 8PM at St John's Arts Centre (St John's Walk,
Market Street, Old Harlow) when John Petters and his Creole Jazz Band salute
pioneer jazz trombonist Eduard 'Kid'Ory in Ory's Creole Trombone.

Born in La Place, Louisiana in 1886, Ory was one of that small group of
first generation jazzmen who shaped the course of popular music in the 20th
Century. His tailgate sound, as it came to be known, was a full blooded and
virile style. During the 1910s he gave the teenaged Louis Armstrong an early

In 1921 he made the first record by an African American Jazz Band  - his own
Ory's Creole Trombone. He was later featured on countless records with
Armstrong, King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton.  Two of his compositions,
Muskrat Ramble and Savoy Blues have become standards of the traditional jazz

The Depression of the 1930s forced Ory to quit the music business, but he
was coaxed out or retirement in 1944 by  film legend, Orson Welles, himself
a great jazz fan, for his weekly radio show. Ory chose the finest New
Orleans jazz musicians for these programmes, the success of which led the
Kid back into the recording studio and concert stage with his Creole Jazz
Band. Triumphant tours all over the world  followed, including a sensational
visit to Britain in 1959, where he inspired many British jazz musicians.

For Saturday's show, drummer John Petters has assembled an outstanding
line-up. BBC broadcaster and writer, Mike Pointon combines a successful
career producing jazz shows for BBC Radio 2 and 3 with an outstanding
ability on the trombone. Pointon lives and breathes jazz. He recorded and
worked with many veteran New Orleans legends during the '60s and '70s and
recently supervised the reissue of Kid Ory's Orson Welles broadcasts on CD.
Like all good jazzmen, Mike does not copy Ory note for note, rather he
assimilates the style and makes it his own.

Trumpeter and vocalist, Cuff Billett, is another player with direct
connections to New Orleans and its jazz heritage, He appeared on same famous
recordings and broadcasts with clarinet pioneer George Lewis and saxophone
giant, Cap'n John Handy. He is in such demand that he was asked to fly to
New Orleans for a recording session a while back.

Clarinettist, Trevor Whiting, a long time member of the Petters band,
returns from touring with Chris Barber for this session.

Piano professor, Martin Litton, is an authority on early jazz styles who not
only loves the music, but has the technical ability to create the authentic
sound. Martin has recorded with many important American jazz names.

Guitarist, Tim Phillips, plays a supporting role in this band, laying down,
together with Harlow bass man, Keith Donald, an unstoppable rhythm, so
essential for New Orleans jazz.

The Band has just released a CD, Tailgate Ramble - a salute to Kid Ory on
Rose Records RRCD1029.

Tickets are only £10 and are available from John Petters on 0800 496 0673.
Further details and sound clips of the band are on www.traditional-jazz.com

Keep swinging

John Petters
Amateur Radio Station G3YPZ

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