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> We'll close the Festival at Blue Beach (see the beach's pic!) 
> You don't need to understand Portuguese to see the importance of the
> event and guess the type of public in attendance. I am convinced this is
> the ONLY way to keep OKOM alive (and well).
> Tito Martino
> Sao Paulo   Brazil 

You are absolutely correct Tito, good on ya mate, getting on these kindof 
important events and festivals is what counts, one great performance there is 
worth 160 local dates at pubs and Okom events only.

I am still waiting to play my  very FIRST OKOM Festival but am not holding my 
breath waiting for it nor am I sitting around wishing they would call me for 
a date, I am out playing OKOM my way to non okom audiences all over the world 
and getting them interested in OKOM.   There is always a good market for Good 
entertainment and Good Music, unfortunately there is a lot of not so good 
entertainment and a similar amount of not so good OKOM music being flogged upon 
the public ears and they are turning a deaf ear in many places.

It ain't just about playing the notes folks, and if you keep trying to play 
it exactly as Bix and Louis did you are wasting your time, you will never get 
it right, and if you did nobody would care, they have the original on records 
and CDs and will only trash you as a copy cat wannabe.

If your truyly have somethign to say musically get out where there is an 
audience and say it, they will let you know quickly wheter or not they heard it 
and it was worth listening to, if it is they will come again if not back to the 


Happy Holidays Tito

and Break a leg man.

Tom Wiggins

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