[Dixielandjazz] Steve Barbone and Fairness

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> Steve:
> Re your remarks about Candye Kane and the rest of the events in San
> Diego, I have come to the conclusion that you are much too fair and
> open-minded, and always willing to look at the other points of view.
> Gads, man! What must I endure in order to peacefully wallow in my
> hide-bound prejudices?  I don't want to hear fairness, open-mindedness,
> and tolerance.  Damn the infidels!  I love Jazz, and other decent and
> creative forms of music.  The music world today is Darwinism in reverse.
> lInstead of evolving on an upward plane, we are watching retrgression in
> a non-diminishing race to oblivion.
> I know we'll hardly return to the glorious music of the past, but
> dammit, I'm sure gonna try.  
> Curmudginly yours,  Harold Smith
I was going to respond to this but since I can't think of anything nice to 
say I am going to shut up and let Steve reply if he chooses.  I just don't agree 
with the above message and it's too close to Happy Holiday time to get into a 
disgruntled dissertation.

Musical content:

Hark the HAROLD SINGS, even if a bit off key.

Cheers,  Have a brandy sit back and put louis on the music box and enjoy life 
while we still can.

Cheers to all,

Tom Wiggins

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