[Dixielandjazz] Mardi Gras - San Diego/flying

Thu Dec 18 12:56:56 PST 2003

Hi Judy
Last time I was at the SD fest (4 or 5 years ago) they had 4 or 5 SD bands,
plus other Southern Calif. bands, such as the Chicago Six.  We've moved to
Colorado now, and there's not much of a tradjazz scene, compared to Calif.

Looks like the Feb. Pismo Mardi Gras will be their 25th and last,
unfortunately.  The local businesses who sponsored it have abandoned it, and
the Basin Street Regulars club (sponsors of the Jubilee By The Sea) agreed
to take it on in 2004 so it could see its 25th anniversary.  Sponsoring TWO
festivals in a year is a monumental task for a club, though.  ONE is a
monumental task!

Bill Horton
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> << Question to all OKOM bands in Southern California. Are
> any of you participating? >>
> I live here in San Diego and have never heard of any of my favorite S. C.
> Bands playing it but then I don't go to large crowd things like that in
> Gaslamp District. To hard to get around in the wheelchair for those type
of things.
> Same reason I don't fly much anymore at all. I use to fly to different
> Festivals all the time but just to hard now. Not only the flying part but
> getting where I want to go while in the Power Chair once I get there.
> If anyone knows of some good bands playing in this area though for any
> reason, please let me know.
> Merry Christmas All
> Hugs
> Judie
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