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Phil are you the person that transferred our old cassettes (seven of them)
onto CD for the 2MBS-FM radio programme??  We played a Strove Tuesday open
air gig  where the Rotary provided and sold pancakes to the passing crowd
for some charity.  Is there any connection with Strove (pancake) Tuesday and
Fat Tuesday ???  Or maybe one just gets fat eating pancakes on Tuesdays !?

Tom Wood

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> Mick reminded us that Mardi Gras means. I still wonder how people can have
> Mardis Gras on a Saturday.
> Phil O'Rourke
> Australia
> Mardi (Tuesday) Gras (Fat)
> This is the day before the Fast of Lent starting on Ash Wednesday. During
> this day they used to have a big "Pig Out" and eat themselves silly before
> the fast.
> This was the origin of Mardi Gras
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