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Mon Dec 15 21:39:51 PST 2003

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> If Mike takes Steve's suggestion youngsters might be attracted but the 
> 'cash
> customers' might stay away.
> Norrie
> Norrie Thomson
> Edinburgh

Nope, Sorry Norrie, but in this country the Cash customers are the 
youngsters, they party like there is no tomorrow like we did when we were their ages.

It is the older generation that is on a fixed income or savings budget and 
pinches pennies, which is why you need to have a good well thought out plan to 
make a festival successful financially.   The older folks have no problem 
shelling out $38.00 for a badge, but they look for an all you can eat resturant for 
one price, and usually do not over spend at the bar either.

Now the yoiunger ones will buy a badge and drop 50 to $ 60.0-0 more at the 
bars and another $20.00 at the food stands a day, not to mention T-shirts 
programs and souviners etc.


Tom (Been promoting them for forty years)  Wiggins

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