[Dixielandjazz] interfering with my fix!

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Mon Dec 15 21:59:40 PST 2003

Youse guys are messing with my continuous fix from DJML messages!  

Looks like Bob has taken to sorting through the posts to stop
non-musical text from appearing (not a bad idea!), as I've had nothing
from DJML for several hours....not even a post I sent in several hours
ago has come back.

I never made any comments on the gay thread as I played in a club 7
nites a week for 4 yrs which was all gay from 3am to 4am (we played
midnite to 4am).  Gay still meant "fun" in those days, but the crowd we
had was basically just noisy!  Little interest in any kind of music,
whatsoever.  But that was in the late 60's.......

If anyone is interested in knowing who was who in the Spanish "marica"
crowd in those years, I've got all the dirt!!   :>

I've tried to add my bit to the New Year's Eve thing, but then my
experiences in Spain are too different from the rest of you to be of
much interest to anyone.  

Other than that, I'm enjoying a short break from playing, and watching
tv in the evenings with the family....which is drifting back, little by
little, to Madrid for the holidays.  We have a gig on the 18th, then
nothing until the 26th, when we go full tilt, almost, right up to the
end of Jan.


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