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> It is true that we are not quite what most on this list would call an 
> OKOM band - we play a lot more Rock  than Jazz, but if they are really 
> wanting to bring in "new blood" to the festival they will have to keep 
> on bringing in more variety, not less!
> Dave Richoux
You are absolutely correct Dave, and I saw you guys at least two times and I 
enjoyed your performances and material as did  the hundreds of folks standing 
around listening.

I am sure that with the size of the group  that "The Organizers" certainly 
did not pay you sufficiently either, so any act that good and unique who can 
entertain and certainly draw some new younger folks to the festival should be on 
the  program.

The repercussions were a damned site better and more entertaining than many 
lame Dixieland bands I saw and heard, many of whom I just walked away from or 
sometimes just walked on by.

Any kind of music needs change to be vital and  remain a viable means of 
attracting ticket buyers on any kind of consistent basis, people get BORED very 
easily and quickly, therefore too much of the same old chunk a chunk sound will 
drive them away or prevent them from coming at all.

I do realize that some folks do indeed eat oatmeal and metamucil for 
breakfast everyday, but most of the world is into change and variety especially when 
it comes to music.

There are still only two kinds,  GOOD MUSIC AND BAD MUSIC.

The Repercussions Play the Good Kind but for some folks it is NTKOM, but that 
is OK too, because TKOM is not always OKOM either.   I believe that is why we 
call it OUR KIND OF MUSIC  rather than just Dixieland.


I hope to see The Repercussions back because they also are probably 
economically the best buy on the program and are more than likely highly underpaid.


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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