[Dixielandjazz] Re: New Years Eve"

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 15 17:07:00 PST 2003

Yes, but my point was that that musicians the world over, work on New Years Day, a Holiday, whether or not the gig starts on the Eve or as in
Spain at 1:30 AM. I was not talking about the manner in which folks celebrate, but whether or not the musos deserved extra pay for working
during the celebration.

Though I must admit, last New Year's Eve, we gigged at a retirement facility which had the New Year Countdown at 11 PM. Then the toast, last
dance and off to bed by 11:15 PM. Technically we did not play during the "Holiday", but we still got "Holiday Pay".

Bottom line: Supply and Demand. Classic unfettered economics. Can't argue with that in a free economic system, no matter how hard one tries.

Steve Barbone

> "James Kashishian" <kash at ran.es> (polite snip)
> Steve wrote:
> >Of course new Year's day starts at Midnight, no?
> Yes, but if we're talking about New Year's Eve Celebrations, than you
> can't just accept that the U.S. way of celebrating is the only way to
> go......as stated in my post earlier on this subject.
> In Spain, the Eve's celebrations are begun with dinner at home with the
> family from 10pm to midnite, when the whole family will eat the "lucky
> grapes".....12, one with each toll of the midnite bell, followed by cava
> (Spanish Champagne).  Then, and only then, will the streets begin to
> fill up with people on their way to night clubs, etc.  A band's New
> Year's Eve gig begins at around 1:30am.....the morning of New Year's
> Day!

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