[Dixielandjazz] New year's Eve:

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 15 09:28:36 PST 2003

Of course new Year's day starts at Midnight, no? I assumed one gigs past
midnight on New Year's Eve and into the next day, thus also technically
working on the Holiday.


Mike Marois wrote:

> Hey Steve and List;
> I really hate to split hairs, but New Year's Eve technically is not a
> Holiday, New Year's Day is the Holiday.  And for those of us that had the
> good fortune of making a fabulous living working for the mouse in central
> Florida, we did get holiday pay for working on New Year's Day.
> Mike
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> Just some random thoughts.
> Doctors, Dentists, Plumbers and most other highly paid folks do not
> normally work on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays such as New Years Eve. So
> comparisons are invalid. I suspect if they were forced to do so they
> would find a way to charge more. (We know plumbers, electricians etc.,
> do just that)
> Club owners, Restaurant owners, and promoters all raise their prices for
> New Year's Eve. That same meal costs twice as much because you get a
> glass of cheap Champagne and . . . Entertainment.
> Therefore, IMO the entertainers have every right to charge higher prices
> for New Year's Eve. In fact, they are damn fools if they don't. And lets
> face it, we all charge more on Saturdays, then on weekdays. Because it's
> an overtime day. At the very least a Holiday such as New Year's, or
> Christmas should be triple time.
> Those Doctors and or Entertainers who have steady gigs with a facility,
> e.g. the local Hospital or Disney or Casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City or
> elsewhere should be fired if they refuse to work New Years Eve. If
> that's where one makes one's living all the other days of the year, then
> one should be there on the Holiday. It's not like the musos in that
> situation can't take outside gigs on their off time every other day of
> the year. You can make a pretty good living that way. However, by the
> same token, Disney et al should pay a higher rate for Holidays and New
> Year's just like other companies do, no?
> If they don't, well, complain to Disney CEO MIchael Eisner. He only made
> about $80 million of so last year and he probably didn't work New Year's
> Eve. ;-)

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