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Got to agree with Tom: my wife and I fly transatlantic several times a year, 
usually on British Airways or American Airlines (we believe in both flying 
the flag(s) and living dangerously!) and flights are generally pretty full - 
we even got an upgrade London to Chicago in October because coach was 
oversold. So unless festival-goers are more scared than the general public, 
not sure 9/11 is still having that bad an effect. And we shouldn't let the 
terrorists win, anyway.

Mike D.

(Actually, our choice of airllines is dictated less by heroism than by 
frequent flyer miles, but there you go.....)

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> > PS - for those who think that this business has nothing to do with OKOM 
> > might check out the website of the Terrif-Vic Jazz Party in Victoria, 
> > It basically says that they have been forced to cancel the annual April
> > Party in Victoria because of the lack of attendance primarily attributed 
> > Americans not traveling abroad after 9-11.  This terrorism business IS
> > having an effect on something near and dear to all our hearts!!
> >
> > BG
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>Hi Bill:
>As one who travels Internationally a lot, I don't buy that excuse, except 
>a few months right after the tragedy of 9/11 air travel by Americans abroad
>has not been curtailed all that much.  Anyone who does not believe it just 
>booking flights to Europe during June July and August.
>Never underestimate the power of the propaganda and media to distort facts,
>last tour I tried desperately to book ten seats on any United Airline 
>Flight to
>anywhere in Europe and until three days before departure I could not get 
>seats on any United Flight.  Or any other airline for that matter.  
>three days before we needed to leave I got all ten seats on United, but had 
>go to London and then to Madrid to get to Bilbao Spain.
>I tried to get Air travel passes in Europe to go from country to country to
>play the festivals but the flights were constantly sold out, as were most 
>the Train seats, so I had to rent two mini buses and drive from Spain to 
>Belgium Holland, back to Spain and then over to Italy and up and down both
>sides of Italy.
>Ya just can't believe everything you hear on the radio and or see on TV it 
>mostly market driven hype to inflate the prices, and everyone is jumping on
>the 9/11 bandwagon to place the blame and or justify the increases, for
>everything from Security which is really not any better than before, just 
>costs more
>and has another layer of beauracracy on top of it.
>Heck since 9/ll it is more dangerous to travel on a Cruise Ship and get 
>than to fly, and now even the cruise industry is jumping on the 9/ll scare
>tactics, they are now considered Soft Targets, along with shopping Malls.  
>was the last time you heard of a Cruise Ship being blown up or a shopping 
>  Much less an OKOM Festival, Hell terrorist don't even know what OKOM is 
>more than likely can't even Spell it. :)
>Tom Wiggins
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