[Dixielandjazz] New Years Eve

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Sun Dec 14 21:46:07 PST 2003

Jerry wrote about being a Constable & being given NY's Eve as an
assignment to work.  There lies the difference, Jerry.  The musician can
pick and choose his gigs.  It is one of the few benefits one has, and
only has that benefit once he has gained a certain level of notoriety
(so he can at least get by!).  So, if a musician isn't particularly
interested in playing on NY's Eve, then the demand goes up......& so
does the price.

We have played NY's Eve gigs, but try not to do so.  Just don't like
them, in particular.  And, if we must play, we want some really good
bread for our troubles  (*).

We don't have a gig this year on NY's Eve, although we will have already
played 12 gigs this month!

(*)  In Spain, each family remains at home.....or, I should say, will
migrate to the home of the parent's, where dinner is served at approx.
10 pm.  Dinner is over at midnite and tradition is to eat a grape with
each toll of the bell at midnite, followed by cava, which is Spanish
Champagne.  The younger folk will then go out.  THAT is when a band will
start playing then, at around 2am, to an already fairly drunk crowd
(dinner here includes multiple bottles of strong red wine, followed by
cava (Spanish Champagne at midnite), and there will have been multiple
drinks of hard liquor from around 7pm until dinner.

p.s.  Our holiday season goes on until Jan. 6.  The Three Kings bring
children their presents on the nite of the 5th.

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