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> I don't know who came up with the idea that a musician's wage on New Year's
> Eve should be double or triple what it is any other night of the year
Hi all,

Who indeed. In fact why should musicians get paid any more than their normal 
rate on New Years Eve? For thirty years I was a member of the local 
Constabulary and 31st December was a normal working day and our working day ran from 7am 
to 7am so the night shift from 10pm or 11pm to 6am or 7am was just another 
working day and because of everybody's revelry and over indulgence often fueled 
by the music provided by musicians on extra pay none of us poor Constables 
were able to see the New Year in with our loved ones (or get legless at the local 
jazz joint!). It was a hard life! ;-)



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