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>   <Now I ask you does a Dentist get more money for filling a tooth on
> Saturday than he does   on Monday-Friday?
>   Does a Brain Surgeon get more money for Brain Surgery on Wednesday than he
> does on Monday?    Because it interferes with his golf?>
> I agree with most of what you said, but have you ever hired a plumber after
> regular hours?  Sit down when you get the bill.
> Yep sure have, but let's face it the toilet always breaks or backsup just 
before a big party or you have important friends and guest arriving in 30 
minutes, at my place it always happens at about 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, and the 
plumbers have all gone home for the weekend already.   Long ago I invested in 
some plumbers tools, they have paid for themselves many times over, and I don't 
do plumbing for other people on my days off either :)   Only my own when 

I once paid a plumber an outrageous bill back in the 70s ( about $100.00 an 
hour as I recall, which was big bucks for a plumber in those days)  now it's 
only a tip, :) and then he called me to play for his daughters wedding reception 
and offered me $150.00 for a five piece band for five hours.   I told him 
only if he had an outdoor pool side, sit down dinner reception catered at the 
local sewage treatment plant.

It's a Shitty job folks, how much would you charge to do it?

And the whole Idea Kurt of calling the plumber is usually so you can (SIT 
DOWN"  in that room if you need to  isn't it :)   We'll just call him a necessary 
evil that is often heeded at the most inoportune times.

Musical content:   Wade in The Water,  (Ramsey Lewis).

Cheers, and may you plumbing all work properly throught the Holidays, or your 
plumber will be showing up in a Santa Suit.

Tom (with the power assist toilets now) Wiggins
"Move it on down the line"

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