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Hi John,

I too have often wondered (and researched without much success) the music
backgrounds to both Betty Boop and Tom & Jerry cartoons. Can't help much with
this enquiry. I know Cab Calloway did some of the BB soundtracks, tho'
listening to the soundbite I have of "House Cleaning Blues" it doesn't sound
much like Cab's lot.

Perhaps a mail to the Betty Boop Fan Club may get you an answer. Google will
get you a link to this and many other BB sites.

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> Does anybody know who wrote the music for the song "The House Cleaning
> Blues" sung by Betty Boop in the cartoon movie of the same name (or so I
> believe). I cannot find any reference to it anywhere and am beginning to
> think that the studio might have employed a stable of anonymous tunesmiths
> who churned out this kind of stuff on demand.
> Any assistance will be gratefully received.
> John Farrell
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