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> And face it, in our situation we
> get multiple offers from "frequent user" clients.
> In fact, the gig Barbone Street is doing New Years Eve is for a
> "frequent user" client. Not the top dollar we were offered, but close.
> That's why we are there. Good client, good payer (in advance).
> No matter who we book on that date, we are going to disappoint some
> clients.
> Cheers,
and that is what keeps a band popular and in demand, fair and equitable 
business practices and loyalty to the long range customers without taking undo 
advantage of the new ones trying to get into the action.

Bottom line, understand the relevant worth of your band in any given 
situation and book accordingly with fairness on all sides of the issue.

Money is not always the only important factor in a booking, important to 
remember, sometimes I turn down larger financial offers to continue to service or 
re service a good honest client who helped me get where I am today. provided 
of course that they understand that I am doing it for those reasons and not for 
the money they can make available which might be once in awhile considerably 
less than a new client.

Much the same as Steve implies about his New Years gig this year.

Building and holding clients is important to any group wishing to make this  
a financially successful profession.

This does not take into consideration the occassional moronic  club owner who 
hired you fifteen years ago for chump change, and you walk into his club one 
day fifteen years later after you have become a star and he says yeah kid I 
remember you, I got a night open next Thursday, ya want it, same pay as last 
time, but we got a new policy now, ya gotta buy your own beers no discount.


Tom Wiggins

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