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Fri Dec 12 22:02:48 PST 2003

Wonderful post and contribution to the DJML list Tom Woods,

I absolutely agree with at least 99% of the explanation, and am happy to be 
one of those acts in the top scoring position, and two years ago I had to ASK 
the musical question,
"What the Hell s OKOM"?

Two years ago I couldn't even spell OKOM and now I are one. :)

I can only hope aspiring bandleaders and groups ont he list read this and 
take it to heart, if we all did then there would be no more talk about OKOM 
dying, which it is not, as your group and mine and a few others on the list know 
full well.

There is alweays a Good Market and Good Money for Quality in any industry, so 
if ya wanna be like Zenith, Saint Gabriel's, Barbone Street, Cellblock Seven 
and some of the other fine groups, PROMOTE SHAMELESSLY as if you were a Born 
Again Christian Evangelist on a worldwide Crusade and join the fun, you won't 
be sorry.

Cheers And the Best Of Holidays to one and ALL.

Tom Wiggins

We be doin IT, whatever IT is, and we got IT too, you should all get IT too.!

If you got IT you know IT, if you don't  got IT, maybe you don't know what IT 

Ask anyone who has IT and they will tell you if you have IT or not. :)

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