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Hi Tom, and Others.

New Year's Eve, Weddings , Conferences and other private gigs often should
pay more, as the employer's EXPECTATION is greater. Particlarly at weddings
where the photographer gets $2000 and the Caterer $25 per head. People are
happy to pay extra to get exactly what they want. My band will often learn
new tunes for a wedding as we charge extra to provide what they want. We
also don’t pack up until we have consulted the host and never charge
"overtime", it's all in the large fee!

This year as we have done the past at our regular Wednesday Night gig we
have redone the deal for the night. Instead of hitting our venue for a
larger fee we are doing a door deal. Ticket sales so far indicate the band
will receive triple our normal fee however as far as the venue is concerned
it's "Free"! 

Ps the admission including a seafood buffet is $35 Australian.

Richard Stevens

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