[Dixielandjazz] FW: Golden Wedding

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Dec 12 09:29:49 PST 2003

Dear DJMLers,
On 1 June 2000 I posted the following:

Woody Herman and His Orchestra.
This may not be OKOM to some of you, so delete now.
The original recording of "Golden Wedding" (68159-A) was made by Mr Herman
on 27 September 1940 at the same time as "Five O'Clock Whistle" (68160-A).
They remade "Golden Wedding" (68328-A) on 9 November 1940, which is the one
we all know and love (or hate). It came out on Decca 3436 (and Aust Decca
Y-5603) backed by the aforementioned "Five O'Clock Whistle".
Brian Rust (in Jazz Records 1897-1942, 4th edition) claims that the
original "Golden Wedding" (68159-A) is on Festival FS-1301 (an Australian
78). It is not. All copies I have checked play the later version.
Over the years some LP and CD producers claim the 27 September 1940 for
their reissue of "Golden Wedding", but all those I have checked play the
later version.
Question: Has anyone heard the earlier version on 78, LP or CD?
Given the 5 week period between the 2 there would be noticeable
Don't trust your memory. Proof is needed.
Or should the Rust entry read 'rejected'?

Well now! 
While I was in the middle of my 'computer crisis' last month Classics CD
1304 'Woody Herman and His Orch. 1940-1941' arrived with what appeared to be
the elusive "Golden Wedding" (68159-A) from 27 September 1940, together with
the version we-all-know-and-love (68328-A) from 9 November 1940.
It is my great pleasure to report that they ARE different.
The original is slower and less positive than the 'common' version,
indicating (to me, anyway) that far from being a throwaway (a Jiggs Noble
arrangement based on Gabriel Marie's 1884  "La Cinquantaine") is had
obviously been well worked on by Woody and the band.
A minor problem is that the new "Rust' and the Classics CD claim Festival
FS-1301 as the source for the early version. Looks like I will have to
re-listen to this 78 (in a mate's collection).
Kind regards,

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