[Dixielandjazz] Play it again Etta

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Thu Dec 11 13:40:20 PST 2003

The following is a snip from "Off Beat"  newsletter today from Louisiana.

The legendary Etta James (who no longer looks exactly like the foxy 1950s 
babe seen on posters all over New Orleans) returns to House of Blues New Orleans 
on Thursday, December 11. At Ms. James' Palm Beach, Florida, concert Tuesday 
night, she commenced with "I'd Rather Go Blind" and Johnny "Guitar" Watson's "I 
Want to Ta-Ta You Baby," sang a prayer in Hebrew and 
How to lose your fans for the future/ 

refused a request to sing "Tell Mama," telling her audience: "I hate 'Tell 
Mama.' 'Tell Mama' is a headache song!" 

I personally think this is a good reason for Ms. James to retire totally,  if 
she does not have enough respect for the people who paid $25.00 to $35.00 to 
hear her perform live, and  expecting to hear her sing her biggest Classic Hit 
recordings then she should just quit altogether.

Any artist who commands $12,000.00 an hour or more should give their audience 
what they want and what they paid for.

I am sure that with her refusal to sing her biggest Hit Song, she angered and 
disappointed many of the ticket buyers who will never buy another ticket to 
see her live.   Many, if not all of those fans bought the millions of records 
that made her famous and financially successful in this business.  The very 
least she could do is honor them with singing them even ONE MO TIME.


Tom Wiggins

Play it Again ETTA 

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