[Dixielandjazz] Mardi Gras Mambo

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Thu Dec 11 13:04:55 PST 2003

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dwlit at cpcug.org writes:
I'm gonna take this opportunity to make a blatant pitch for 2 of my fake 
"Gig Book" and 
"30s-40s Fake Book". 

Many of the younger/newer band leaders are going to get requests for
non-Dixieland tunes, including waltzes, Latins, and Jewish horas. These 2
books are basically upgraded versions of my 2 dance band books, and
represent 25 years of playing weddings, etc. I added any tunes for which we
had 3 guest requests, and made sheets so we could play clients' special
requests not on our play list, provided they could be played without
rehearsing them. Over the years, many requests became staples of our
repertoire. So the books cover 99% of the requests you're likely to get.
I wish to add my endorsement of these.

I recently got both of these books from Dave and they're great!


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