[Dixielandjazz] OTP: US Football, BCS, and USC

Richard Broadie rbroadie at dc.rr.com
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Thanks for coming up with themusical thread although "You Gotta be a
Football Hero" probably isn't #1 on anyone's okom charts.  Sorry to be off
the list but I'm healthy, doing lots of gigs and some engineering things
too.  Beats the heck out of being too ill to participate.  I want to thank
Don for calling the article that I submitted to my attention.  I'm not a big
fan of the LA Times and mailed it to them as a second thought and never
would have known it was published without Don's email to me.  I actually
wrote the piece to be submitted to the Palm Springs Desert Sun where it was
also accepted.  Now if I can just write some okom music, maybe a blues about
SOS for BCS, this thread may actually be relevant to the list.  Noticed some
recent threads on the list I didn't mind missing.

Dick B
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> Today's (Tuesday US) edition of the Los Angeles Times has an expose of
> the flawed system that is sending two teams considered to be the second
> and third best among US college teams (one the second-place finisher in
> its own conference) to the "championship" game, while the team widely
> considered the best in the nation is relegated to another game.
> DJMLer Richard Broadie, the author of this piece, upholds the honor of
> jazzers, musicians in general, and connoisseurs of good (West Coast)
> college football by expounding on the old principle that garbage in can
> only lead to garbage out.  The piece is at http://tinyurl.com/yii9.
> Registration is required to read it, but is free.
> As Harry Reser's Eskimos put it on wax, "You Gotta be a Football Hero to
> Get Along with the Beautiful Girls."  (Why do I keep think of Dick
> Powell?)
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> Don
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