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Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
Thu Dec 11 17:14:30 PST 2003

Hi Ross,

Yes its a fast moving/changing site because it was OK 24 hours ago but with
150,000 hits per day it perhaps got jammed up and is now slow to download!!!
Go through the following exercise moving from
www.euroclubdejazz.com/corepage.htm to

One can also arrive at this by going to www.euroclubdejazz/corepage.htm then
hit the bottom of the big box on the top right hand corner of the page where
it says "click here to cast your votes NOW" (in blue) then hit Round 1
finalists (in blue) then cast your five votes with (hopefully) Zenith Band
place with 5 points and 4 points for your next selection etc. etc.  Finally
enter your email address and press "Submit".  Sorry it does not normally
take this long but I have been told that this Sony site has been swamped
with replies.  Although others tell me it is OK I have not tried to press
submit myself so I hope it is working  OK.  Also the submissions are being
screened for people voting more than once.
Nice to hear from you, I have been asked for an opinion of your group for
Edinburgh and I sent you our CDs some time ago but yours to swop never ever
arrived in Sydney.


PS please note rd1 is short for Round 1 and it is plurel i.e. "rd1finalists"

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> G`day Tom,
> I had a look at the web page listed below , it opened OK , but , I tried
> register the N.M.J.B. sending emails to 3 different listed addresses and
> have returned by mailer-daemon .
> Can you help in anyway ???
> Regards, Ross Anderson.
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> Hi Listers,
> As most of the groups are modern in this exercise you may perhaps feel
> disposed into casting a Zenith vote for OKOM
> (a voice in the wilderness) at www.euroclubdejazz.com/corepage.htm   I
> even know how we got onto this primarily modern groups site and we don't
> expect to make the next round but members should know about this site for
> the future.
> They are also trying to have a Rendesvour 2004 in Florida in May and
> apparently need some support - again mainly modern but the Zenith are in
> there as featured artists should it go ahead, check under
> www.euroclubdejazz.com and jazz evenings.
> Click at top Right Hand Side and perhaps VOTE Zenith "5 Points".  With
> telling no one about it, we are sitting at 34th out of 60 entries so we
> to jump up the scale a little when our fans learn about it. As
> said by Steve Barbone.
> Merry Christmas to all, and lots of good cheer
> May Our Kind Of Music be top ten next year.
> Tom (from Downunder Sydney) Wood
> nothing to do with the current thread
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