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Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 9 15:51:09 PST 2003

For everything you ever wanted to know about Mack The Knife click:


Then the below lyrics will make sense. Just another rip off of an old
story, old song. ;-)

Steve Barbone

(Trans. John Willett):

See the shark has teeth like razors
All can read his open face
And Macheath has got a knife, but
Not in such an obvious place

See the shark, How red his fins are
As he slashes at his prey
Mac the Knife wears white kid gloves which
Give the minimum away

By the Thames turbid waters,
Men abruptly tumble down
Is it plague, or is it cholera?
Or a sign Macheath's in town?

On a beautyful blue Sunday,
See a corpse stretched on the Strand
See a man dodge around the corner...
Mackie's friend's will understand.

And Schul Meier who is missing
Like so many wealthy men:
Mack the knife aquired his cashbox
God alone knows how or when

Jenny Towler turned up lately
With a knife stuck in her breast
While Macheath walked the embankment,
Nonchalantly unimpressed

Where is Alfred Gleet the cabman?
Who can get that story clear?
All the world may know the answer,
but Macheath has no idea

And the ghastly fire in Soho,
Seven children at a go--
In the crowd stands Mac the knife, but
He's not asked and doesn't know

And the child bride in her nightie,
Whose assailant's still at large
Violated in her slumbers--
Mackie how much did you charge?

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