[Dixielandjazz] What kind of music for the gay trade?

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> This burning question of the day to Steve Barbone and other Philadelphia
> denizens-- does the advertising budget include OKOM?  If not, what kind of
> music is most appropriate for the gay trade?

Hi Norm:   Some rambling thoughts that will get me flamed for sure, :)

GOOD MUSIC of any kind is appropriate for the Gay Trade Norm, they are people 
who simply march (or make love to a different drummer) but they have 
basically the same musical likes and dislikes as all of the rest of us.  I have played 
and booked bands into many Gay nightclubs and found them to be the most 
supportive of music on a consistent basis than any other group of consumers.

The gay communities have kept the dwindling Cabaret business alive much like 
we do OKOM, and a lot of cabaret music is also Jazz and OKOM.

A simple fact of life is that the Gay communities have a lot more spendable 
income since most of them are not burdened with the financial support of 
raising children.

The appropriate style of music for the gay community is simply the same kind 
that is appropriate for any other community, they come in all shapes sizes and 
opinions politically, sexually, religiously, just like heterosexuals, and 
those sworn to abstinence.

They travel a great deal, stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, go to 
nightclubs and theaters, opera, symphonies, Discotechs, beaches, movies, just like 
everyone else does.

They like Love songs, boogie shake your ass songs, hard rock, punk rock, 
Dixieland, Jazz, Blues, pop, Broadway show tunes as well.  Just like we do.

They also like and participate in Glamour, Fashion, Television, Movies, 
Motorcycle riding, hang gliding, Football (YES EVEN FOOTBALL) Rugby, and many other 
sports.  They also charter ships and go on cruises spending many, many 
tourist dollars all over the world.

The San Fancisco Gay Pride Parade attracts over 750,000 people to San 
Francisco for a weekend and generates a lot of cash for all the business in the City, 
not to mention all the airfares, rental cars, hotel rooms, etc.

Money is Green, and spends, no matter who the spender sleeps with or does or 
does not have sex with, and Philadelphia is on the right track economically to 
reach out to try and attract this fist full of dollars into their economy, as 
would be any other city, Money makes the World go round.

Gays have been around in civilized and I suppose uncivilized societies for 
centuries that has been documented, so we may as well get over it and accept 
them as regular everyday people who simply are attracted to each other rather 
than us.

I have heard tell that one out of three men are Gay, if you want to check out 
this theory step into an elevator with two other guys, look at the one on 
your right, Does He look Straight? Now look at the one on your Left, does he look 
Straight? huummm!   :)

Musical content:
Gays have "Fidgety Feet too" and like to dance, so I guess they should not go 
to Jazz concerts and distract the listener only crowd.   

I have heard and played in a parade alongside an all Gay marching band in San 
Francisco that played some OKOM music, so I guess some punk rockers who say 
Dixieland music is Gay could be correct, :)   All I know is most of it makes me 
Happy!  :)

Tom  (Not Gay, just very Happy) Wiggins  :)
Live and Let Live

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